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Looking for an apartments to rent? How about an apartment in front of the sea in Mariscal, Bombinhas? The Vivenda do Mariscal is a residencial in front of the most beautiful beaches of Bombinhas, by the sea. It is a great option for you to relax, that opportunes comfort to our guests. Count with ample apartaments, with 01 or 02 bedrooms, with a complete kitchen and with an individual grill on the balcony too. There are modern lines inserted in closed condominium (block of apartaments, in front of the sea and without sea view). One of the differences is security 24 hours that we offer. You can feel home and safety with unique characteristics in one of the most beautiful beach and cleaner of Santa Catarina. Come enjoy your vacation, and feel the bests moments from the litoral with your family, after all, just looking through the window you will feel the breeze coming from the sea.

Comfort for you and your family!

When we are on vacation, there is nothing better than comfort and you can enjoy the sensation of a private home and immerse yourself in brazillian culture, with amenities of home with a great cost benefit. This is one of our purposes from our Residencial TheVivenda do Mariscal. You don't need to feel insecurity, we offer all necessary support in terms of reception, reservations and maintenance through our group in Morada Baden Baden. Team ready to provide you with whenever needed. Come stay with us and relax in front of a great scene of the nature, peaceful, and it is an idyllic place where the ocean is a deep crystalline blue, ideal for your holiday.



Access 1:

There are two accesses. The first is by Falcão Avenue. Follow the Avenida Leopoldo Zarling, the first one on Bombas beach when you arrive in the city, almost at the end turn right on Falcão Avenue that connects the beaches of Bombas and Zimbros. At the third roundabout in the neighborhood of Zimbros where there is a gas station just to the left in Maracujá street that in a few kilometers changes the name to Girassol Avenue. From there, it continues until Jatobá Street, the second entrance on the left after the Building Materials Volcano. Go to the end and turn right. He arrived at the Villa of the Marshal

Access 2:

Another access is through the center of Bombinhas beach. When arriving in the city, in the beach of Bombas, follow by the avenue Leopoldo Zarling until the end. This same avenue changes the name to Ver. Manoel José dos Santos, main avenue of the next beach - Bombinhas. Follow it almost to the end and turn right on Salmon Street, corner with Baiúca dos Sucos. Continue almost to the end and turn right at Rua Peixe Dourado, asphalted road that gives access to Morro de Mariscal. Cross it and continue on this same avenue that will change name twice for another 2 km approximately.


Latitude: -27.1871576

Longitude: -48.5020087

Main Distances

Balneário Camboriú

57 min (37,0 km) via BR-101


1h28 min (75,5 km) via BR-101


1h50 min (99,0 km) via BR-101

Beto Carrero

1h15 min (70,9 km) via BR-101

Navegantes Airport

1h21 min (67,7 km) via BR-101

Florianópolis Airport

1h32 min (83,5 km) via BR-101

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